Offering Real Convenience

For Your Convenience Services From Mitchell’s NY

Living in New York City is unlike living anywhere else in the world. There’s a dynamic and exciting feeling in the air every day in the Big Apple. When you live a high-paced NY lifestyle, you often need a little help. To make your day a little easier, our team here at Mitchell’sNY Logistics offers a broad range of convenience services designed to assist you with cumbersome tasks that you can’t easily take care of on your own.

From major moves to temporary staffing, garbage disposal to storage of your possessions, our long list of convenience services gives NYC residents a solution for many common day-to-day problems. We are also proud to offer shipment services and shipping supplies in NYC. When you choose Mitchell’sNY Logistics, you’re getting the service and attention to detail what we’re known for as well as our years of experience as the leading NYC and Manhattan logistics and service provider.

Offering Real Convenience

 It’s hard for us to list all of our convenient services, simply because there are so many! We are always willing to provide personalized service and find new ways to help you out, either in your personal or professional life. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Moving help and Packing Supplies: We can provide moving and packing supplies in Manhattan — such as boxes, blankets, bubble & shrink wrap, pallets, lumber, tape and dollies — as well as moving helpers for your residential and commercial moves by the hour.
  • Truck tracking: If you’re curious to know where your goods are during a shipment or move, simply let us know and we can tell you exactly where our truck is at any moment.
  • Storage: Whether it’s overnight or for a longer period, we have safe, secure temporary and long-term storage available for your goods and possessions at our NY facility.
  • Garbage disposal: We come to your location and pick up your garbage — bags, containers and bulky items — and dispose of them correctly, including recycling centers and scrap yards when possible.
  • Temporary staffing: If you need some additional manpower for a few hours or a few days — for moving furniture or installing a display, for example — we can provide helpful and courteous staffing.
  • Commercial and residential moving: For a full commercial or residential move, you can contact our partners at Katz Moving and they will prepare a professional, hassle-free move.
  • On-Demand Trucking & Courier Services:  Available 24/7/365 including holidays
  • Always Available:  Available for Late Night, Early Morning and Weekend Jobs

At Mitchell’s NY, we never stop finding ways to add convenience to your life. To improve our storage services, we are upgrading our website to include a tracking function. You’ll soon be able to access your account online and see exactly what you have stored and shipping with us in real time. You will also be able to request pickup and deliveries in just a few clicks, as well as access and pay your invoices online. This is just a few example of how we work hard every day to remain the leading convenience service provider in NYC and throughout the US.

Contact our team today and tell us what we can do for you. We’ll take the time to listen to you and find ways to provide custom convenience services that match the pace and demands of your NYC lifestyle. Don’t settle for anything less than the personalized service and attention to detail that only Mitchell’s NY can provide!