Warehousing and Logistics Industries Served

Comprehensive Transport and Storage Solutions

At Mitchell’s NY Logistics, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive warehousing and logistics services tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. From retail and e-commerce to healthcare and beyond, our solutions are designed to streamline your operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and a wealth of experience, our team ensures that your goods are stored, handled, and transported with the utmost care, precision, and professionalism. Discover how our dedicated warehousing and logistics services can empower your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Commercial Lighting & Construction​

Mitchell'sNY Logistics has experience crating, packing, loading, unloading, and delivering special event items. We specialize in both light fixture shipping and transportation, including store fixtures, throughout the city. If you need assistance with placing your machines and equipment, our team is more than happy to handle that as well.

construction worker overseeing work
Mitchell's van in city

Food & Beverage

To ensure your perishable food and beverage items remain safe during transport, we have a fleet of refrigerated and frozen temperature-controlled trucks. Our trucks, which offer temperature control up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, can transport anything from juice to pastries and wedding cakes. We can even deliver high-end food and beverages to residential addresses, grocery stores and hospitals. During the loading and unloading processes, we ensure that your goods remain cold. If needed, we can also provide cold storage for overnight holds.

Hospitality Services

For hospitality companies, even those that serve multiple locations, Mitchell'sNY Logistics can deliver goods throughout NYC and beyond. Our trucks will ensure your goods get to their final destination safely and efficiently. We use our fleet of refrigerated trucks for perishables heading to restaurants, hotels, or even cruise ships. We deliver non-perishable goods, such as supplies or any bulky items you use for your hospitality business, using our courier trucks.

Interior of a dining room with chandelier
Broadway street sign

Entertainment, Production, & Special Events

Whether you are hosting a school production or a Broadway performance, our white glove service will ensure we transport your goods with the utmost care and attention to detail. We will safely delivery many of your production needs - from sets to chairs, to food and temperature control. We want to help ensure you have exactly what you need to make it a hit.

Museums & Galleries​

We know how to efficiently and safely transport valuables to museums and galleries. Our team has years of experience getting valuables safely transported throughout NYC and beyond with services such as our white glove pickup and delivery. We have moved everything from artwork to exhibits and ensured our personalized attention to detail.

art meeting

Pharmaceutical & Medical

For hospitals or businesses regularly receiving pharmaceutical supplies, we can maintain a cold chain until we deliver your goods. We understand how to follow federal regulations and know the specific temperature ranges these products must stay within to keep your customers safe. Because beauty products, such as cosmetics and perfume, also require temperature-sensitive transportation, we can transport those perishable goods in our refrigerated trucks as well.

pharma pill packs
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Retail & Department Stores

Our white glove pickup and delivery services works with the marketing teams within retail and department stores when they plan events. Throughout our years in business, we have provided the city's top department stores with window display trucking and storage services. Whether you need fixtures or promotional displays delivered, we will transport them from a warehouse, plane, or boat to your retail location. Additionally, our team can handle your deliveries to customers throughout New York City and beyond.

Flowers & Gifts

Floral arrangements — especially gifts — need to stay at a cool temperature during transportation to remain fresh and vibrant. We will maintain the quality of your floral arrangements by transporting and delivering them in our fleet of refrigerated trucks. We work with flower shows, trucking any equipment they may need for the show. For those times you need your floral bouquets or arrangements delivered quickly, we offer one-day shipping options. We can make flower deliveries (transporting at tropical temperatures 65 degrees), handle perishable and non-perishable deliveries, and we offer any repackaging, if needed.

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Logistics Expertise to Suit Any Need

Whether you require on-demand package delivery for a special event, are looking for reliable same-day courier service, need commercial warehousing in Manhattan, or anything in-between we’ve got you covered.

Our on-demand services include:

  • Courier and
  • Messenger Delivery
  • Van and Truck Delivery
  • Cold Delivery and Warehousing
  • Frozen Delivery and Warehousing
  • White Glove Delivery
  • Warehousing Logistics
  • Last Mile Logistics
  • Crating and Freight Forwarding
  • Convenience Services

How Mitchell'sNY Logistics Can Assist Through Trucking

At Mitchell’sNY Logistics, our team understands how to navigate the city in the most efficient way possible. Regardless of your package’s size, we tailor our trucking services to your needs and offer personal touches such as online tracking and order management. Whether you want same-day delivery in the city or need to ship something across the country, our dedicated trucking team will take care of your requirements.

Our trucking services include:

How Mitchell'sNY Logistics Can Assist Through Warehousing

Our 60,000-square foot warehouse in Long Island City can store anything from documents and records to furniture. There are no size restrictions in our temperature-controlled facility.

To deliver the best supply chain solutions that work for your specific business, we offer flexibility and scalability. A dedicated account manager will assist you with everything from receiving to shipping and delivery to keep your merchandise moving quickly and efficiently.

Our warehousing services also include:

Unique Situation?

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