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Mitchell’sNY Logistics is proud to offer a full range of logistics services to suit any need. Whether you require white glove delivery for a special event, are looking for reliable courier service providers, want same day package delivery in Manhattan, or anything in-between we’ve got you covered.

With more than 60,000 square feet of storage space, our state-of-the-art warehouse is ready to provide flexible supply chain solutions to ensure your freight arrives where it needs to be and on time. Our crating and freight forwarding services will also ensure your merchandise arrives intact no matter how delicate it is.

Do you need to ship perishable goods? Our refrigerated trucks will keep your products at the proper temperature throughout the journey and to their destination. Read on to learn more about the services we can provide. 

We have more than twenty years of experience. During that time, we’ve become expert in freight transportation by air and all its related services. We work closely with all major airlines around the world. Ongoing negotiations ensure that we always have the cargo space we need and the ability to offer you competitive rates – even during the high season.

Did you know?

We now offer more services than ever

Courier & Messenger Delivery:

Delivering over 750 packages and parcels on time each day.

Truck Delivery:

Larger deliveries are no problem with our motor deliveries and we can even expedite them!

Cold Delivery & Warehousing:

Do you have products that need to stay at a specific cold temperature?

Frozen Delivery & Warehousing:

Our frozen truck delivery service can transport your perishable goods within the city or on long hauls.

White Glove Delivery:

Our team of experts is highly experienced and ready to assist for any white glove delivery needs.

Warehouse Logistics:

We deliver supply chain solutions, that allow us to expedite your merchandise and provide cost-effective warehousing and shipping services.

Crate & Freight Forwarding:

We handle everything from beginning to end to ensure your precious freight makes it where you want it to go and makes it on time.

Supply Chain Management:

Mitchell’sNY Logistics has had the opportunity to deliver third-party logistics services throughout the five boroughs and beyond.

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