Emergency On-Site Refrigeration Service

Rapid Response Refrigeration Solutions

When your business faces unexpected refrigeration challenges, Mitchell’sNY Logistics is ready to provide a reliable solution for your needs. 

Our Emergency On-Site Refrigeration Service caters to a wide-range of industries, including restaurants, hospitals, retail shops, hospitality groups, festivals, stadiums, and events. 

With a single call to Mitchell’sNY Logistics, you can access our fleet of refrigerated trucks for emergency on-site use until your operations are up and running again! 

Keeping Your Inventory Cool During Refrigeration Emergencies

At Mitchell’sNY Logistics, we understand that refrigeration emergencies due to faulty equipment or power outages can be costly and stressful. Our Emergency On-Site Refrigeration service is designed to provide a seamless solution to safeguard your inventory and keep your business, event or operations running smoothly.

blurred refrigerator section of super market
Keeping it cool truck

The Benefits of Emergency On-Site Refrigeration

With our Emergency On-Site Refrigeration service, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:


  • Access to a Variety of Truck Sizes – Choose from a variety of truck sizes, ranging from 16 ft to 26 ft, providing you with 128 sq ft to 208 sq ft of refrigerated storage space.
  • Mobility and Flexibility – Our trucks are equipped to move wherever you need them, ensuring your perishable goods stay protected, no matter the location.
  • Customizable Temperature Control – Each of our refrigerated trucks allows you to set the desired temperature, ranging from -22°F to 65°F, to ensure your products or inventory remain at their optimal condition and prevent spoiling.
  • Insulated Bulkheads for Multiple Temperature Needs – Keep both frozen and refrigerated products together with our available bulkhead option that creates different temperature zones to maintain product integrity and organization. 
  • Remote Monitoring – Enjoy peace of mind all day and night with our remote monitoring system that ensures the security and stability of your valuable inventory.
  • Fuel Efficiency – Our team takes care of fueling our trucks so you never have to worry about them running out of gas. Each refrigerated truck arrives on-site with a full tank of gas and will be refueled as needed to minimize downtime and prevent your inventory from spoiling. 
  • Cold Chain Compliance – With our emergency on-site emergency refrigeration solutions, you can easily maintain your inventory’s compliance with cold chain regulations and protect your products’ safety and quality.

In addition to all of these benefits, we also offer supplementary equipment such as pallet jacks, pallets and supplementary bulkheads to meet your specific emergency needs.

Serving NYC For Over 75 Years​

New Yorker who understands what it takes to manage logistics efficiently and effectively. For over 75 years, Mitchell’sNY Logistics has provided expanded truck delivery service in New York, including refrigerated trucking, as well as warehousing services. We have also been offering food and beverage delivery to New Yorkers since 1946. Through them, we are able to gain exclusive access to Manhattan’s most prestigious addresses, ensuring perishable goods gets into the hands of your clients without hassle. For deliveries, you can rely on, trust Mitchell’sNY Logistics.