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Frozen Delivery Service in NYC

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Frozen goods require specialized delivery services, and Mitchell’sNY Logistics is ready to help with frozen delivery services that keep your items safe and intact. Call us for a customized quote for deliveries inside Manhattan and throughout the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Need long-haul services? We can help. Contact Mitchell’sNY Logistics for estimated rates and delivery times.

We offer frozen delivery throughout NYC. If you need to transport a perishable item, whether it's to a hospital, a grocery store or a residential address, Mitchell'sNY Logistics can help. We keep your valuable merchandise at a properly regulated temperature while en-route to destinations in NYC, the tri-state area and beyond. We regularly complete up to 750 deliveries a day, whether it's transporting a shipment from the airport to your warehouse, delivering groceries to a luxury condominium or moving your merchandise to an office building uptown.

For all orders within Manhattan, we are able to provide frozen delivery within two hours. We accept up to a full truckload of goods and also offer long haul and semi-trailer trucking service for oversized items. For up to the minute information about our rates and services, contact the Mitchell’sNY Logistics team today.


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