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Mitchell’sNY Logistics: A New York Logistics Company

Mitchell’sNY Logistics is proud to offer a full range of logistics services to suit any need. Whether you require white glove delivery for a special event, are looking for reliable courier service providers, want same day package delivery in Manhattan, or anything in-between we’ve got you covered.

With more than 45,000 square feet of storage space, our state-of-the-art warehouse is ready to provide flexible supply chain solutions to ensure your freight arrives where it needs to be and on time. Our crating and freight forwarding services will also ensure your merchandise arrives intact no matter how delicate it is.

Do you need to ship perishable goods? Our refrigerated trucks will keep your products at the proper temperature throughout the journey and to their destination. Read on to learn more about the services we can provide. 

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Courier/ Messenger Service NYC

If you need the best courier service or messenger service, you’ve found the New York City logistics company that can get the job done seamlessly. At Mitchell’sNY Logistics, we’re here for more than just regularly scheduled deliveries. We know things come up at the last minute. We’re here for all your logistics needs, including your same day and expedited shipments. We also offer truck and van on-demand delivery for those larger packages. 

Our courier service provides you with same-day service for smaller-sized packages that are 10 pounds or less and smaller than 36 inches. If needed, rush courier services can be arranged so your parcel can be delivered in less than one hour. 

Our in-person courier delivery is ideal for when you need to deliver documents or small packages. Your vital information will be handled with care and delivered the same day.  

For bigger packages, such as those weighing more than 10 pounds or exceeding 36 inches, you can use our motor delivery service. For both the motor and freight shipping, your package will be delivered in two hours if it's within Manhattan. 

To learn more about the reliable, timely logistics services we provide, contact Mitchell’sNY Logistics now. Regardless of the courier delivery type, you will always receive updates on your package. With our insider New York City knowledge, you can feel confident that our NYC messenger service will get your package where it needs to go as efficiently as possible.

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Motor Delivery

With our on-the-ground experience delivering all across New York City, you can be confident your message or package will be delivered using the most efficient route possible. Our NYC delivery service team knows what's going on in the city and how to handle situations like roadwork. With this knowledge, our team can guarantee smaller packages will be delivered through motor delivery the same day whether by hand or truck.

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Refrigerated Truck Delivery and Warehouse

For deliveries that require chilled courier service, we have refrigerated trucks, tractor-trailers and other vehicles. Our New York truck refrigeration fleet takes over 750 items throughout NYC and the tri-state area each day, keeping them secure and properly refrigerated. Our team has been handling temperature-sensitive goods for years and knows how to keep them refrigerated even throughout the loading and unloading process. 

Whether you need to ship flowers or dairy products, our refrigerated trucks will get your goods to your clients on time. We work with homeowners and local and national companies. Our trucks travel throughout New York at all times to accommodate your requests. If you need local refrigerated trucking company services, we are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate!

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Frozen Truck Delivery and Warehousing Service 

Our frozen truck delivery service can transport your perishable goods within the city or on long hauls. Whether we're heading to a home or a hospital, we ensure your items are temperature-controlled and secure inside our trucks. 

In addition to our frozen truck delivery service in New York, we also offer warehousing solutions to keep your goods cool and safe.

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New York White Glove Delivery 

Our white glove service trucking can take care of every special events delivery process ranging from crating and packing to delivery and placement. Our team knows how to handle fragile items and we can even store them overnight or over the weekend if necessary 

We also have experience with Fashion Week Transportation and Javits Center transportation, which we handle expertly with our white glove services. Whether you need a smaller load delivered or an entire fashion collection, Mitchell'sNY offers personalized attention to detail. Let us know if you have any questions about our white glove service! 

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Warehousing and Logistics 

Our warehouse, which is situated in Long Island City, Queens, offers 45,000 square feet of storage space. This space is flexible, allowing you to store any shaped item. We also adjust our warehousing services depending on your business's high or low activity needs.

When you use our commercial warehouse space, we offer you daily email updates as well as live customer care. If you ever need to move your items, we are more than happy to provide you with shipping and delivery services. 

If you want to streamline your business solutions, then contact us about our logistics services. Our expertise will allow you to focus on other areas of your business while we handle your delivery and supply chain management. 

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Convenience Services

To help your day-to-day tasks run smoothly, we offer an assortment of convenience services. These services range from garbage disposal to temporary staffing. We can also handle both commercial and residential moving. When you contract us, we take care of every aspect of the move, including bubble and shrink wrap, pallets, dollies and more. Just sit back and relax while we handle everything!

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Time Services and Facility Management 

To simplify and streamline your business's operations, we can provide you with time services and facility management. With our time management services, we can get documents and packages across the city quickly and efficiently. You will enjoy the confidence of knowing exactly when your items are delivered through our proof-of-delivery emails. 

Our team also offers facility management services to handle your communication needs. We can take care of everything from your order fulfillment to in-house mailroom support. 

Regardless of what you need us to pick up or deliver, we will ensure it's handled in a timely fashion. Let us know how we can help!

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Last Mile Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

Mitchell'sNY Logistics has had the opportunity to deliver third-party logistics services throughout the five boroughs and beyond. No matter if your business is small or large, we can handle everything from vendor management to last-mile logistics. Our logistics company in NYC provides your business with practical solutions for pick-and-pack fulfillment, cross-docking and fast turnarounds. 

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Crating and Freight Forwarding NYC

When you need to transport valuable possessions, trust the team at Mitchell'sNY — our shippers have years of experience handling high-value and fragile shipments. We can accommodate large or odd dimensions through our custom crating solutions. 

In addition to our crating services, which span all 50 states, we also offer short- and long-term storage solutions if you need a secure, climate-controlled storage area.

We also frequently handle freight forwarding for tradeshows. Whether you need tradeshow freight forwarding or national freight forwarding, you will be able to relax while we organize your shipment and take care of all the handling and transportation. 

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When you need a logistics company in NYC that has decades of experience, then look no further than Mitchell'sNY. We are proud to be able to deliver better solutions that are tailored to each customer's needs. If you have any questions about any of our services or would like to request a free quote, please let us know!

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