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NYC Truck Delivery

Large Mitchell'sNY TruckIn New York City, you can't beat the resourcefulness and know-how of a resident. Out-of-town delivery services may try to take the fastest route, but New Yorkers know what GPS doesn't. Our team at Mitchell'sNY Logistic understands the events, traffic and construction going on in all five boroughs because we understand NYC. Something new happens in the city every day, so we work around New York hustle and bustle to pick up and drop off your packages faster than the rest.

Not every package can be delivered by foot or bike — that's why we have a fleet of box trucks, refrigerated trucks and tractor-trailers to move large items where you need them. Packages over 10 lbs. or 36" are entrusted to our experienced truck drivers. Get in touch today for same-day delivery in Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

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Truck Delivery in New York City

NYC moves fast — and so should your packages, regardless of their size. When you need larger items or freight in another part of the city within a day, we get the job done. If you need to deliver something within Manhattan, we provide two-hour delivery that meets the tightest deadlines. And if you want to send something within one of the outer boroughs, we can estimate a same-day delivery time.

Transporting Items to the Tri-State Area and Beyond

While we pride ourselves on our prompt service throughout the city, we can also assist with deliveries across the country. Choose a destination throughout the continental U.S. and we'll get your freight there in no time. Deliver goods to Pennsylvania or New Jersey or take them all the way to California. People all over the country rely on New York City businesses and we don't want to let them down.

Service You Can Count on Since 1946

At Mitchell'sNY Logistics, our customers aren't just names and faces — they have the same priorities we do. For decades, we've provided customer service that goes above and beyond. When you count on us to deliver for you, we offer solutions such as:

  • Truck DeliveryReal-time delivery confirmations via email to keep you in the loop
  • Refrigerated trucks to keep perishable goods fresh
  • Live customer service with a fellow New Yorker — request an agent you trust by name
  • 45,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in Long Island City
  • Logistics services such as supply chain management and freight forwarding
  • Online customer accounts for fast scheduling and updates
  • Pre-scheduling one month in advance

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We deliver over 1,000 packages on time every day on behalf of satisfied customers in NYC and beyond. No matter if you need your large item taken somewhere across the block or somewhere across the country, we make sure it gets there safely and on time. New York City may be larger than life, but its residents stick up for each other through thick and thin. When you request delivery from Mitchell'sNY Logistics, we treat you the way we want to be treated. Request a free quote today to enlist the help of a delivery service you can rely on.

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