Finding NYC Warehouse Storage



Every time you plan a purchase, do you wonder where you’re going to put it? Do you struggle with large merchandise storage, or worry how you can stock and deliver your products more efficiently? With the right commercial storage solution, you can leave supply chain worries behind. Luckily, NYC has plenty of warehouse storage options that can help you reorganize your business for the long haul. Most companies warehouse your items far away from NYC, where it’s hard to get to, and charge a premium to get it back to you. Think twice about where you want your items stored!

lt’s Not All About Price

Don’t let promises of a free first month or rock-bottom prices lure you into signing a contract you’ll regret later. Consider what you’re storing, and how often you’ll need access to it. If you’re storing inventory or supplies you’ll need to access frequently, you probably want to store your goods near your office to keep them accessible at all times. If you’re storing seasonal goods you only need once a year, location doesn’t matter nearly as much. Ask yourself how much you’re willing to pay for convenience.

Do You Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

Paying more for a climate-controlled warehouse in NYC might be the right choice if you’re storing valuable possessions made from certain materials. That’s because climate-controlled storage units protect your goods from changes in heat, cold and humidity. Wood, leather, electronics, valuables, musical instruments, clothing, artwork, important documents and photos are a few examples of items that should be stored in climate-controlled settings.

Logistics Matter

Do you work long hours? Is 24-hour access important to you, or are you fine with loading and unloading at designated times? Make sure you’re aware of these types of details before leasing storage space.  Don’t forget to ask about when and where you want your product to be delivered. It should be able to be delivered to you when you need it! Ask about security, too. You don’t want strangers to be able to walk around your storage facility.

Managing and Shipping Inventory

The right storage solution does more than keep your goods safe — it also packs and delivers your orders for an affordable price. Look for accurate order filling and fast turnaround from the time your customer places the order to the moment it arrives on his doorstep. When the order is complete, you should receive a status update so you can monitor your remaining inventory while noting the speed and accuracy of delivery.

Before you sign on the dotted line, ask your warehouse provider about its ability to meet tough NYC inventory storage standards. Will you get alerts when products have arrived or leave from your unit? Can you manage distribution easily online, and will you know when a particular good is running low? The answer to all these questions should be “yes.”

This summer, regain your peace of mind by calling Mitchell’sNY for your warehousing needs!

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