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Ensuring that hospitals and clinics have the necessary medical supplies and equipment is essential for providing quality patient care. But organizing and managing inventory can be challenging, especially in healthcare settings where every piece of equipment must be accounted for.  Logistics and supply chain management solutions can help improve tracking and ordering processes, reducing the chances of running out…
The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a huge spotlight on the role of the cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry. When the FDA gave vaccines emergency use authorization in 2021, they required extremely cold temperatures for transportation which caused a great deal of concern. Since that time, the requirements have relaxed somewhat. However, temperature control remains one factor that makes…
Medicine is essential for our livelihood, and the availability of medication at the right moment is vital. From the factory to the final destination, a pharma product’s integrity and quality must be maintained. Transporting pharmaceutical products requires particular expertise to deliver them safely. In many cases, pharmaceuticals are delicate, and delivery must be timely. Additionally, pharmaceuticals also can be…
Shipping prescription drugs and vaccines to pharmacies, medical companies, clinics, or hospitals is an exacting task. To maintain the pharmaceutical products’ integrity and safety, they need to stay within specific temperature and humidity ranges. The smallest temperature or humidity variation can put people’s health at risk and cost the pharmaceutical company a significant amount of money. During the supply…



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