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The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a huge spotlight on the role of the cold chain in the pharmaceutical industry. When the FDA gave vaccines emergency use authorization in 2021, they required extremely cold temperatures for transportation which caused a great deal of concern. Since that time, the requirements have relaxed somewhat. However, temperature control remains one factor that makes…
Thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, more convenient, cost-effective dining options, such as commissaries and other delivery-centric business models, are taking center stage. Serving commissary kitchens and at-home consumers with prompt delivery ensures food maintains the right temperature and appropriate condition. Keeping Things Cool for the Food and Beverage Industry Whether it’s ice cream, fresh produce, seafood, poultry,…
Whether you are shipping produce, floral arrangements or pharmaceuticals, maintaining a cold chain from production to delivery is essential. If the temperature is not adequately controlled at all stages of production, your perishable goods could spoil or even make your customers sick. But for a small company, delivering perishable goods safely can be an intimidating task. You want to make…



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